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TAG Heuer introduces the first avant-garde 360 degree watchmaking museum, embodying 150 years of unique heritage displayed to catch the imagination, and envision and build the next 150 years. It reflects the innovation, precision, performance and prestigious sports embedded in our DNA.
What differentiates one brand from another? Why does the TAG Heuer range currently encompass lines such as the TAG Heuer Formula 1, Monaco, Carrera, the SLR Chronograph or the Grand Carrera? Why is TAG Heuer the only watch brand to offer instruments that are accurate to 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1000th of a second for wristwatches, and to 1/10,000th of a second for timekeeping? The answer is simple: it is all a matter of DNA, just like human beings. The unique combination that makes each person different from another and implies that right from birth we are endowed with certain characteristics inherited from our parents and from their combined DNA.

I am very proud and honored to welcome you today to our new TAG Heuer 360 museum, which celebrates the exceptional TAG Heuer DNA, the unique sports heritage and constant daring quest for technical innovation and precision. Like our timepieces it seeks to be innovative and this museum has been designed to house the first ever 360 degree conic movie screen in the world. Managed by a battery of 12 computers processing over 1 million images an hour, it creates a dynamic presentation of the unique TAG Heuer watchmaking saga that has lasted almost a century and a half. Last but not least, this museum is located in the TAG Heuer avant-garde eco-headquarters, with its energy-saving architecture that allows external and natural light to flow seamlessly throughout the building from the entrance to the roof via the elevator tubes and the office windows. Let me invite you to join me on a journey that will take you from an unrivalled heritage into an exciting future where everything is possible...

By J. Welke "J. G. W." (Cincinnati, OH)
: Excellent timepiece!
This is a great-looking automatic watch. The silver dial is well manufactured, fit and finish are extremely good, and it keeps excellent time - mine deviates about 11 seconds during normal wear. The movement, visible through a sapphire exhibition back, displays Geneva striping on the rotor and perlage on some other components. Overall, a great watch in the classic style - attention-getting without being ostentatious. Mine has number indicies at the 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 positions, which I prefer.

Cons? The mirror finish of the stainless steel is prone to scratching. Try to be aware of where your hand and wrist are going!

A beautiful and tough watch. This is my second TAG Heuer and my third "luxury" watch. I recommend it.

By AaronPaul (Minneapolis, MN USA)
:Great time piece
I was a little hesitant because Tag Heuer is looked down on in some watch-fanatic circles. I struggled between this watch and the Omega Aqua Terra (I already own a Speedmaster). The Omega has a higher grade movement and is $10 00 more (for the automatic). I just couldn't get over how sexy the Tag was though, and I ultimately went with the watch that I liked most (and saved a grand in the process).

I am not disappointed! This is a great looking, classic watch with a high quality finish. It has the distinctive Carrera look without the busyness of the chronograph, which is what I was looking for. The bracelet is really beautiful and, although it doesn't have a micro adjustment, there are two link that are slightly smaller, so I was able t o eventually get a great fit with some trial and error. The only downside is that it is water resistant only to 5 BAR, which means that it may be a little risky to swim with.